Another dimension to the Lebanese catastrophe: Sectarian tensions on the rise

The political situation in Lebanon every day is becoming from bad to worse. Continuing political conflicts without paying attention to the dire financial and economic situation that Lebanon has reached as a result of all these successive and continuing crises due to the political divisions that dictate the Lebanese society and there is no stability to get out of This dark tunnel that destroys the country day by day.

Recently, the political situation between Hezbollah and Al-Bakri flared up between supporters and opponents, and threats from both sides made the situation more volatile than it was. Thousands of Lebanese gathered in the courtyard of the Maronite Patriarchate, northeast of Beirut, to support the call of Maronite Patriarch Bishara Al-Rahi to hold a conference by An international organization under the auspices of the United Nations to save Lebanon, which sparked criticism, most notably from Hezbollah. It started when Lebanon entered its catastrophic economic crisis in 2019, then the Corona crisis occurred and the first government resigned after the outbreak of massive popular protests, and a second government about a week after the explosion. To this day, the political forces, despite all the international pressures led by France, have not been able to form a government to work on implementing urgent reforms stipulated by the international community in exchange for providing support and assistance to Lebanon with the money that gets it out of its crisis.

From the Patriarchate’s window, the pastor said in front of thousands who arrived by car and on foot, including clerics of Islamic sects, “We want the international conference to declare Lebanon’s neutrality so that it does not become a victim of conflicts and wars, and the land of divisions, and therefore is based on the strength of balance, not on the balance of forces that It always portends war. He also added, “We want the international conference to provide support to the Lebanese army, to be the only defender of Lebanon, capable of absorbing the military capabilities of the Lebanese people through a legitimate defense system that upholds the decision of war and peace,” which is a clear criticism of Hezbollah’s weapons. Who owns a huge military arsenal and refuses to give it up under the pretext of resisting Israel.

And Hezbollah had another opinion, as they responded with threats and threats and made it clear that they might lose their patience, which has lasted for 40 years. They also confirmed that they had nothing to do with the arrest of Archbishop Hajj Ali following his return from Israel. The Secretary-General of the Lebanese “Hezbollah” Hassan Nasrallah confirmed The party has nothing to do with the arrest of the Patriarchal Vicar for Jerusalem, Palestine, and the Hashemite Kingdom
Nasrallah said in a television interview: “I and all Hezbollah have taken note of the case of Archbishop Moussa Hajj, as well as other Lebanese. I say to all the Lebanese people, especially the Christians, that Hezbollah has nothing to do with the case of Archbishop Moussa Hajj and we will not interfere in it.”

But on the other hand, the bishop’s supporters refuse to believe these statements, as stated by Samia Khaddaj, who made it clear that Hezbollah threatens the Lebanese and threatens them with impatience, and clarifies that the Lebanese reject Hezbollah’s presence, threats, and support, and the Lebanese support for Bkerke.

In light of these divisions between the two parties, supporters and opponents, and the poor economic situation, many Lebanese have decided that they will not succumb to Hezbollah’s threats and will never hand them power. Their threats and actions of violations and assassinations bear witness to them, including the assassination of Rafik Hariri, for example. Lebanon is on a hot tin that never calms down, but the tragedy of division will lead Lebanon to a dark tunnel from which there is no escape. Therefore, everyone should set aside his interests and take a neutral position and only take sides in the interest of the nation, which has gathered all the sects on its land for hundreds of years.