Expat found dead after Mecca floods

The civil defence team in the sacred city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, recently discovered the corpse of a foreigner who had been taken away by heavy rain causing floods resulting from the heavy rainfall this week, according to a local news website.

A resident of Myanmar was carried away by the intense flooding that afflicted a region in Mecca on Monday, according to Sabq.

According to the report, his corpse was located approximately 13 kilometres from his spot situated south of the Islamic holy city of Mecca.

The deceased was transferred to a medical facility’s morgue as the case was passed on to the relevant authorities, the statement stated.

This week, Mecca and multiple other locations in Saudi Arabia have experienced extreme downpours of rain. Heavy rains in Saudi Arabia last month killed two people after Jeddah reportedly received 965mm of rain in just six hours, at least 15 times the city’s average annual rainfall, as per media reports.

The education department in Mecca commanded schools in the area to stay shut for a third consecutive day as a result of the rainy conditions.

It was reported by local media that classes are currently being carried out online using the government-run Madrasty platform.

Other regions in the kingdom, such as Riyadh, Jeddah, Taif and Medina, also declared that in-person classes would be suspended.

Jeddah, a city of roughly four million people located near the Red Sea, is often referred to as the “gateway to Mecca”, where millions perform the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages each year.

Winter rainstorms and flooding occur almost every year in the city, where residents have long complained about poor infrastructure. The floods typically hit low-income Saudis and migrant workers the hardest. In 2009, floods killed 123 people in one of the worst flood-related incidents in the country.