Former speaker Rached Ghannouchi to be questioned by Tunisia’s anti-terrorism unit again

Rached Ghannouchi, head of Tunisia’s moderate Islamist party, has been accused of calling police forces tyrants and is set to be questioned by the anti-terrorism unit again.

Rachid Ghannouchi, head of the Islamist Ennahda party, is to be questioned over comments about the country’s security forces, which he allegedly described as “tyrants”. An official complaint was filed following this.

In September, Tunisia’s judicial centre, which fights organised crime and terrorism, was referred to by the prosecution after Mr Ghannouchi was first interrogated by the Tunisia’s National Guard’s anti-terrorism unit in L’Aouina.

The lawyer for Mr Ghannouchi, whose questioning was scheduled for Thursday, asked that it be postponed to February 21, 2023, because of time constraints.
Ennahda party leader was eulogised by Mr Ghannouchi in February in Tunis. He used the word “tyrant” then.

The police union was offended by Mr Ghannouchi’s comment that he was not afraid of the Tunisian tyrant during his lifetime, believing that it referred to them.
Individuals affiliated with violent organisations that have killed Tunisian security personnel, including the military and national guard, have encouraged their supporters to attack security by using the term “tyrant.”

Investigative judges have summoned Mr Ghannouchi on various charges, including money laundering.
He was questioned on November 28 in connection with a case in which he has been charged with sending Tunisians to foreign hot spots for terrorism.


Image Credit: Reuters