Heavy rain closes schools in Saudi Arabia

Heavy rainfall and thunderstorms are forecast across parts of eastern and western Saudi Arabia until at least December 23. Because of the possibility of heavy rain, schools and universities in Makkah province will be closed on Thursday.

Pupils and students in Jeddah, Rabigh, and Khulais have had their classes suspended. All Jeddah and Rabigh campuses of King Abdulaziz University cancelled classes. The University of Jeddah also cancelled in-person attendance at all of its locations. All schoolchildren will take part in classes through the Madrasati remote learning platform.

Moderate to heavy rainfall is expected in Makkah and Madinah, as well as Jeddah and Rabigh, according to the National Centre of Meteorology. The municipality of Makkah said on Wednesday that the city was prepared to handle the downpour.

Schools have been forced to close and flights delayed after heavy rain hit western Saudi Arabia, including the coastal city of Jeddah.

Thunderstorms may occur in parts of the kingdom from Wednesday to Friday, the civil defence department warned. Officials said that field teams were ready to protect residents and their possessions in all residential areas, if necessary. The teams will help to manage water flows and prevent pooling as part of the municipality’s response to the NCM’s warnings.

Advice to stay away from areas where water pools rapidly, dammed streams, valleys, and fast-moving water streams, was emphasised by the department.
The warning urged people to follow instructions broadcast via radio, television, and social media.

Heavy rains in Saudi Arabia last month killed two people after Jeddah reportedly received 965mm of rain in just six hours, at least 15 times the city’s average annual rainfall, as per media reports.



Image Credit: @brianna_santellan/Unsplash