Hundreds of homes damaged by Antalya floods

Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said on Monday that flooding in Turkey’s agricultural province of Antalya has damaged 100 homes, 920 workplaces, almost 500 cars, and 49 square kilometres of greenhouses.The downpour on Sunday prompted officials to advise residents against venturing outdoors, as cars were swept away by rushing water on flooded streets.

“Mr Soylu said there are 50,000 to 55,000 acres of greenhouses in Kumluca where 12,500 acres of damage has already occurred. ‘The job continues to discover damages,’ he said.”

On Saturday, December 12, 2022, Kumluca was inundated with rainwater, flooding many houses and businesses. This incident occurred as a result of heavy rain in Antalya.

The Antalya region’s agriculture sector accounts for 20 per cent of the country’s exports, Anadolu state news agency said. Many homes experienced power outages, the agency said.

Because of the flooding, classes were cancelled in Kumluca and Finike districts. No injuries have been reported yet.

Officials said 12 cities in Turkey would experience more turbulent weather on Tuesday.
There were hundreds of volunteers helping with the clean-up efforts, Mr Soylu said. He said water had risen to the ceiling of a parking lot, preventing people from leaving.


Image Credit: brianna_santellan/Unsplash