Iran agrees to visit by UN’s nuclear watchdog

The IAEA is seeking answers on Iran’s continued uranium enrichment after Iran reportedly agreed to a UN visit this month.

The International Atomic Energy Agency reported on Wednesday that Iran has further expanded its production of enriched uranium above levels prohibited by the abandoned 2015 nuclear deal, and now has enough highly-enriched uranium to produce a nuclear weapon.

Western powers are anticipating a resolution to be pushed at next week’s IAEA board meeting calling on Tehran to cooperate. On Wednesday, Iran declared that it had developed a hypersonic missile able to bypass ‘all’ missile defence systems, raising concerns about its nuclear capacities.

The IAEA said it would begin to receive from Iran credible technical explanations on these issues, including access to locations and material, as well as the taking of samples if appropriate.

Grossi told Reuters on Wednesday that it would meet with Iranian officials by the end of the month.

The Tehran regime will not take concrete steps to meet international standards on nuclear nonproliferation.

Iran has repeatedly raised its uranium enrichment levels since the 2015 nuclear deal collapse, erecting hundreds of new centrifuges at Natanz and Fordow’s subterranean facilities.

Iran was permitted under the 2015 agreement to manufacture enriched uranium using simpler, first-generation centrifuges.

Despite sanctions, Iran has pursued its nuclear programme with vigour since the US withdrew from the nuclear deal in 2018.