Iran appoints first UAE ambassador since 2016

The recent announcement of the appointment of Iran’s ambassador to the UAE marks a significant shift in the two countries’ previously strained relations. The UAE had downgraded its relations with Iran in 2016 after the Saudi embassy in Tehran was stormed by Iranian protesters. However, the UAE upgraded its ties with Iran in August 2022 and announced the return of its ambassador to Tehran.

The realignment in relations between Gulf states and Iran is significant for the region, particularly given the animosity between Iran and Saudi Arabia, which has fueled conflicts in the Middle East. The recent announcement by Saudi Arabia to re-establish ties with Tehran in a China-brokered deal marks a step-change in years of hostility between the two nations and has the potential to reduce tensions in the region, leading to improved security and stability in the Gulf.

The UAE’s long history of business and trade ties with Iran has been further strengthened by recent developments. Iran’s newly appointed ambassador, Reza Ameri, has previously served as the director general of the Iranian expatriates office in the foreign ministry, indicating the importance of the UAE-Iran relationship. Dubai, one of the UAE’s emirates, has been one of Iran’s primary links to the outside world, further highlighting the significance of the realignment in relations between the two countries.

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