Iran summons Norway’s envoy over ‘interventionist’ comments in support of protests

Iran summoned Norway’s ambassador to Tehran on Monday after the president of the country’s parliament expressed his support for Iranian protesters, according to state media. President Masud Gharakhani, an Iranian-Norwegian politician, told Iran International, a London-based news channel, that Khamenei has “been in power for 44 years, enough is enough.”

On September 19, Tehran summoned Norway’s ambassador to Iran over ‘unconstructive and interfering comments concerning the internal affairs of Iran’ made by Gharakhani about the protests. Iran has also summoned Norway’s ambassador over ‘interventionist’ comments about the internal affairs of Iran. 

Protesters have been demonstrating since September 16 against Khamenei and for regime change in Iran. On September 16, as a result of a police beating that resulted in the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman, protestors have been chanting against Khamenei and demanding regime change. At least 304 people have been killed in the demonstrations, according to Iran Human Rights (IHR), an Oslo-based human rights organisation.