Kuwait postpones first parliament session

Kuwait has postponed convening the first parliament session after elections to Oct. 18, the state news agency reported on Saturday.

“The National Assembly’s first regular session of the 17th legislative term is adjourned until Oct. 18, head of Kuwait’s Center for Government Communication and spokesman Tareq Al-Mizrem said Saturday,” KUNA said in a statement.

“This came in line with Article 106 of the constitution, Al-Mizrem wrote on CGC’s Twitter account,” it added.

The Gulf state’s crown prince re-appointed Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al-Sabah as prime minister on Wednesday and later approved a new Cabinet following legislative polls.
The government is yet to take the constitutional oath due to anobjection of more than 40 members of parliament. Local media said ministers of the old cabinet had resigned. 

Image Credit:  REUTERS/Stephanie McGehee