Kuwait sets election day for June 6 following Parliament dissolution

Kuwait has announced that its national election will take place on June 6, according to state news agency Kuna. This announcement comes two days after the Gulf state’s parliament was dissolved by royal decree forcing Kuwait sets election day. The parliament had only been reinstated in March, based on a Constitutional Court ruling, after a previous dissolution.

Crown Prince Sheikh Meshal Al Sabah stated last month that the legislature would be dissolved and elections held in the coming months. Prolonged disputes between the government and the elected parliament have hindered fiscal reforms in the country. This will be the third election in three years for Kuwait, with the most recent parliament being first elected in 2020.

The Constitutional Court annulled the results of the last vote, held in September, in which the opposition made gains, and restored the previous assembly. Kuwait’s constitution stipulates that elections for a new parliament must be held within two months from the date of dissolution.

Political stability in the OPEC member state has traditionally depended on cooperation between the government and parliament. However, prolonged bickering between the two has hampered investment and reforms aimed at reducing the country’s heavy reliance on oil revenues.

Image Credit: REUTERS/Stephanie McGehee

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