Mid-Season world cup approaching

Less than 50 days to the world cup, and there is a sense of mixed feeling among fans concerning the mid-season tournament.

Holding the World Cup in November and December during the world’s top league’s mid-season will produce a higher level of football compared with previous World Cups, according to former England captain David Beckham.

While it means some of the world’s top leagues will be put on hold for the tournament, Beckham, who is also a Qatar 2022 ambassador, believes the timing will have benefits.

“I was lucky enough to play in three World Cups and I know that I went into each one of those World Cups playing probably 50 to 60 games in the season,” Beckham told Al Jazeera in Doha.

“Players are coming into this World Cup after playing 25 games. So they will be arriving fresh and excited. Their energy is going to be at the top level, so I think what you’re going to see on the pitch is probably like no other World Cup.”

“It’s the dream for players. In previous World Cups, we’ve had to travel and it’s not easy to recover after games,” said the six-time English Premier League winner. “I would have loved to have played at this World Cup.”

Despite all the changes to the competition this season, and its effect on local leagues across the world, the world cup is expected to be an incredible event as always. Regardless of the time and season, the world cup still is the biggest sports competition in the world.