Military parade to mark Lebanon’s Independence Day cancelled

Having failed for the sixth time to elect a new president last Thursday, Parliament failed because of a lack of political agreement, as is routine.

The Army spokesperson said that the usual military procession to celebrate Lebanon’s independence day on November 22 will not occur because of the present presidential vacancy.

Parliament failed to elect a successor to Michel Aoun, who ended his term on October 31.

Despite the fact that a new cabinet hasn’t been formed since the legislative elections in May, the cabinet is still acting in a caretaker mode.

Former president Michel Suleiman’s term ended in May 2014, resulting in a 29-month presidential vacancy. Aoun was finally elected Lebanon’s 13th president in October 2016.

For two consecutive years, the military parade was cancelled prior to the previous vacancy.

Due to a lack of political agreement, last Thursday the Parliament failed for the sixth time to elect a new president.