New protests and clashes erupted in Tehran

Iranians took to the streets to vent their anger after a young woman was arrested for appearing in a video wearing a mini-skirt.

Fighting broke out at Tehran’s Sharif University of Technology on Sunday evening after a group of female students confronted another group, leading to protests against the Iranian regime.

The recent unrest has been sparked by Mahsa Amini’s death while in police custody.

Footage has emerged of Iran’s morality police beating protesters, including women, and shooting at crowds. Demonstrations around the world have demonstrated solidarity with the protest movement, with demonstrations taking place in New York, London, and Berlin.

More than 200 people have been killed according to rights groups as security forces crack down on the largest anti-government uprising since 2019 when over 200 people were slain in what is now known as Bloody November.

Earlier this month, clashes between students and security forces resulted in classes at Sharif University of Technology being suspended and moved online.

On Saturday, the Tasnim news agency reported that “a number of female students entered the men’s dining hall after removing their hijab”, breaching Iran’s gender segregation rules in certain public areas and the mandatory headscarf requirement for women.

According to Tasnim, another group of students “held a rally … protesting against the insults and desecration that had occurred at the university” on Sunday.

The students, who waved the Iranian flag, demanded that the university address “lawlessness and breach of standards” on campus, the report said.

Students chanted vulgar slogans, broke the dining hall door and windows, and threw them at fellow students, according to Tasnim. In addition, “some students and university security personnel were injured,” she said.

An unreliable news agency published a video showing students kicking down the door to the cafeteria, as others blocked the exit.

Local media reported that the university barred entry to “a small number of students” over their involvement in “creating an unpleasant atmosphere.”

The statement said that the students had been “temporarily banned from attending the university for their own good and the good of the university.”

About 200 students gathered at the university on October 2 and chanted against authorities, according to Mehr news agency.

Police officers armed with non-lethal steel pellets were among the security forces that used tear gas and paintballs to disperse the crowd, Mehr reported.

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