Oman’s Opaz introduces AI chatbot to enhance efficiency

The Public Authority for Special Economic Zones and Free Zones (Opaz) in Oman has announced the adoption of an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, Chat GPT, to improve its services, increase the efficiency of internal operations, and enhance employee performance.

Mohammed bin Abdulmajeed Al Hooti, who is responsible for managing the Opaz digital transformation programme, stated that employees would be able to access Chat GPT on their desktops and mobiles for continuous and immediate support. This will enable them to complete tasks more quickly and efficiently.#

The AI chatbot will also enhance internal processes within departments, particularly for new employees and projects requiring new information from multiple sources that can be instantly compared. Al Hooti explained that the introduction of Chat GPT aims to boost efficiency and productivity, hone communication skills, and optimise employees’ time.

Why is Oman’s Opaz using AI?

By implementing Chat GPT, the authority can automatically and immediately answer common questions without training a large number of employees to do so. The AI chatbot will also enable more effective data analysis from clients and potential investors, providing valuable insights to improve Opaz’s overall performance and the experience of investors and customers.

This move marks an important addition to Opaz’s smart services, reflecting its aspirations to enhance the quality of services and increase the efficiency of internal operations. Opaz plans to introduce Chat GPT in all its affiliated zones in the future as part of its vision to fully utilise advanced technologies and apply international best practices in managing its zones.

Image Credit: Silas Baisch on Unsplash

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