Qatar Airways plans to employ 10,000 people as it ramps up World Cup preparations

A spokesperson told Reuters that recruitment rallies were held in the Philippines, India, and other nations at the end of September.

Qatar Airways is recruiting 10,000 extra workers to cope with the World Cup crowds in Doha and a post-pandemic boom in business, the firm said.

The Qatar-based airline is currently seeking to employ around 10,000 people, a spokesperson said, citing the firm’s desire to boost its workforce to around 55,000 from around 45,000 currently.

Qatar Airways is ramping up recruitment across the airline following COVID, and with World Cup preparations in full swing, according to a statement to Reuters.

It refused to disclose how many of the new positions would be permanent. In 2020, the airline reduced its destinations to 33 cities, resulting in staff levels dropping to below 37,000 in 2021. Since then, operations have returned to over 150 destinations.

The company spokesperson said recruitment events were held in the Philippines, India, and other countries at the end of September.

The number of new employees that will be in place when the World Cup begins on November 20 in Qatar, the first Arab country to host the tournament, is not yet known.

Qatar Airways has changed 70% of its routes to make room for more passengers in Doha, while also cancelling other trips and reducing frequencies to ensure that enough aircraft are available to serve fans.

Qatar has reopened an old airport to accommodate the tournament, and other airlines are scheduling a surge in flights.

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar al-Baker said earlier this year that it would be a big challenge to accommodate the huge numbers of people who want to see the World Cup games.

Image Credit: Riik@mctr/Flickr