Qatar Celebrates 51 Years of Relations with the United Nations

Today marks Qatar’s celebration of 51 years of diplomatic relations with the United Nations. Today, the partnership between Qatar and the United Nations is stronger than ever. 

Qatar and the United Nations: A Strong Partnership for a Good Cause

Qatar’s partnership with the United Nations is a longstanding one that has proven its strength over time, helping them to address several global issues. Both Qatar and the United Nations have a joint commitment to promoting global peace, security and sustainable development. Qatar’s history of engagement with the United Nations dates back to the 1940s. Since then, Qatar has been a strong supporter of the UN’s work, and a committed member of the UN family. 

Qatar’s support of the United Nations has spanned many decades and a wide range of activities, from hosting UN conferences, training people in the South to manage disasters and facilitating evacuations from conflict zones. 

The State of Qatar is home to many UN bodies, including the ESCWA (Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia), IAU (International Astronomical Union), IOM (International Organization for Migration), ILO (International Labor Organization), ITU (International Telecommunications Union) and UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization). Qatar also hosts the UN’s flagship initiative to promote sustainable development by creating a network of knowledge hubs across the world; the United Nations Alliance for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific (UNASDA).

Climate Change Awareness

The fight against climate change is one the world is facing together. Taking into account the challenges facing humanity, the UN has set 17 global goals to be achieved by 2030. Amongst these, is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Qatar is leading the way in addressing climate change globally through its support of the UN’s projections. The State of Qatar is one of the world’s largest per capita emitters of greenhouse gases. Qatar has been heavily investing in new technologies to reduce emissions, including solar and wind power. Qatar has also contributed financially to several initiatives aimed at reducing emissions across the globe. In October 2017, Qatar pledged $50 million toward the UN’s Global Climate Change Alliance.


Qatar and the United Nations have been partners in progress since 1968 when the State of Qatar became the first Arab country to establish diplomatic relations with the United Nations. Over the past 51 years, Qatar has consistently shown its commitment to multilateralism and its role as a responsible member of the global community. In this regard, Qatar has consistently and generously contributed to UN efforts to promote peace, security, and sustainable development. With Qatar’s support, the United Nations has been able to accomplish a great deal in the world. The people of Qatar and the United Nations have a shared vision for the future and are committed to working together to achieve it.

Image Credit: UN DPI