Qatar World Cup to affect Chelsea and Tottenham hardest


The decision to hold the World Cup in the midst of the 2022-23 European club season is expected to have a detrimental effect on many English Premier League clubs.

The Premier League is expected to enter World Cup hibernation mode from November 13 and is expected to resume on December 26. During this periiod of time, it is expected that around 20 players from Chelsea football club could be involved in the tournament, almost their entire 25-man squad.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel reportedly raised concerns about the harmful impact Qatar 2022 may have on the well-being of his players, but his concerns have largely been ingored. All he can do is hope that his players return to England without any serious injuries following the World Cup which begins November 20. He will need to bring his players back to full strength as soon as possible so they may resume domestic duties. Chelsea will compete in the Premier League as well as the Champions League, and Tuchel will need his players to be ready despite the physical and mental impacts of the tournament. Antonio Conte will have to manage his squad carefully as he seeks to succeed in the Premier League and the Champions League. He has 17 players headed to Qatar.

Similarly, Tottenham have 17 players heading to Qatar and coach Antonio Conte is aware of the strain this will have on his squad as he also attempts to make a title challenge and impress in the Champions League. Manchester City have 15 players, Arsenal have 14 whilst Liverpool are facing the least disruption with only 11 first-team players set to travel to Qatar.



Image Credit: Simon Reza on Unsplash