Queen Elizabeth’s funeral becomes the stage of international controversy

Queen Elizabeth’s funeral is set for tomorrow, September 19 in London. The funeral will host world leaders from across the globe including current and former presidents, and prime ministers. Among all the invitees, one name stands out as the center of controversy, the question over the arrival of Saudi crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman.

The controversy was initiated by the comments by Jamal Khashoggi’s fiancee, Hatice Cengiz. Upon the crown prince’s statement that he intended to attend the funeral, Cengiz called for the arrest of the crown prince upon his arrival in the UK. She further insisted that Bin Salman should not be “allowed to stain the Queen’s memory”.

Further dilemmas circle around the crown prince concerning the upcoming funeral. The world’s eyes will be focused on his encounter with US President Joe Biden, who essentially accused Bin Salman and the Saudi leadership of the murder of Khashoggi. Whether the two will shake hands remains to be seen, as his encounter with several other world leaders.

Bin Salman’s arrival itself remains a mystery, as there is yet to be a clear indication of his arrival. Regardless of his decision, his arrival or refrain from attending will stand at the center of controversy and political tension.