Raisi says Iran’s enemies can die of anger after calls for Ukraine drone investigation

The Security Council Resolution endorsing the 2015 Iran nuclear deal was said to have been violated by drone use.

Iran has “strongly condemned” a call by France, Germany and the UK for the UN to investigate allegations that Russia has employed Iranian-made drones to assault Ukraine, its foreign ministry said Saturday.

Iran has denied that it supplied drones to Moscow for use in the Ukraine conflict.

Iran has become a hot destination for weapon manufacturers, President Ebrahim Raisi said in a speech Saturday.

During his recent travels abroad, including to the UN General Assembly in New York, he said “People came up to me asking us to sell them military products. ‘Why us?’ I asked them, ‘there are so many other countries … They said ‘because yours are better’,” he said of his recent travels aborad, including to the UN General Assembly in New York.

He said Iran’s enemies “do not want us to grow … to conquer markets”.

“Let the enemy get angry and die of anger,” Mr Raisi said.

On Friday, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani branded the E-3 statements as ‘false and baseless.’

Iran ‘strongly rejected’ the request for an investigation, Mr Kanaani said.

The Ukrainian military says it has spotted Iranian-built Shahed-136 attack drones being used by Russian forces to fly towards their target and detonate on impact.

Iran’s drones were not employed by Russian forces to attack Ukraine, according to Russia.

The three European countries signed a letter seen by Reuters backing Ukraine’s call for a UN probe.

Image Credit: Iranian Presidency Office via AP