Rockets target Khor Mor gas field in Iraq’s Kurdistan region

There were no casualties when eight Katyusha rockets hit the Khor Mor gas field in Iraq’s Kurdistan region on Wednesday, reports indicate.

An unknown number of rockets struck near the field in the northern city of Khor Mor, security and local Kurdish sources said. That area has been targeted previously.

Khor Mor and Chemchemal, Iraq’s largest gas fields, are controlled by the Pearl Consortium, a UAE energy firm (DANA.AD) and Crescent Petroleum, an affiliate.

Lawk Ghafuri, Head of Foreign Media Affairs for the Kurdistan regional government, said on Twitter that no one was hurt in the assault and that operations were continuing as normal. Investigations are ongoing by security forces at the moment.

A local Hashid Shaabi commander said that a rocket launcher with a timer fixed on top of a mini-truck in a rural area around 20 km (15 miles) to the southwest of Khor Mor was found.

A local commander said four rockets remained unfired and were found in the launcher after at least eight Katyusha rockets were fired.

Kurdish officials have publicly said that Iranian-backed militias were behind the previous series of attacks on Khor Mor. No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Image Credit: AFP