Saudi Arabia to resume diplomatic mission in Syria

Saudi Arabia announced on Tuesday that it will resume the work of its diplomatic mission in Syria, according to a statement by the foreign ministry. The move comes two days after the Arab League voted to reinstate Syria, ending a 12-year suspension.

The foreign ministry’s statement highlighted Saudi Arabia’s eagerness to contribute to the development of joint Arab action on Syria and enhance security and stability in the region. The decision also takes into account the resolution made by Arab foreign ministers at an emergency meeting in Cairo, the Arab League’s headquarters, regarding the resumption of Syrian participation in the league’s council meetings and its organisations and bodies.

This development follows a recent meeting between Syrian President Bashar Al Assad and Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan in Damascus, marking the first such visit since the outbreak of the Syrian civil war in 2011.

The Arab League expressed its intention to reinstate Syria in order to continue working towards alleviating the suffering of the Syrian people and to support them in realising their legitimate future aspirations. The league also called for a prominent Arab role in addressing all aspects of the Syrian crisis, encompassing security, humanitarian, and political issues.

The body emphasised the need to tackle the repercussions of Syria’s civil war on neighbouring countries, the region, and the world, pointing to the strain of refugees, the threat of terrorism, and the smuggling of narcotics.

The resumption of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Syria is expected to strengthen regional security and stability while fostering cooperation between the two nations.

Image Credit: SANA via AP