Saudi Arabia will host the next Arab League summit

Saudi Arabia will host the next Arab League summit, Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Faisal bin Farhan said. During the 31st Arab League summit in Algeria, Prince Faisal praised the successful meeting between regional leaders in his closing speech. 

Saudi Arabia is eager to preserve the cooperation between us at all levels, and as such, we announce that the 32nd session of the Arab League Council will be held in our country next year. During his closing speech, Prince Faisal stated that the summit of the Arab League was held in 2019 before the disease outbreak. 

A number of issues, including the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Syria’s turmoil, Yemen’s turmoil, Libya’s instability and the perceived Iranian and Turkish interference in Arab affairs, were discussed by the 22-member Cairo-based Arab League. Algeria’s President Abdelmadjid Tebboune signed the ‘Algeria Declaration’ at the summit’s end. ‘As a result of Arab consensus, Saudi Arabia will host the next summit,’ he said. ‘We want to increase joint Arab action on regional issues,’ Mr Tebboune said. 

Arab leaders stressed the importance of resisting all forms of interference in regional affairs and expressed their support for countries facing political crises, such as Libya, Lebanon, and Yemen. The summit was held amidst food and fuel costs, shortages, drought in some countries, and a soaring cost of living across much of the Middle East and Africa.

Image Credit: Akhilesh Sharma on Unsplash