Ten dead after minibus collides with truck in Egypt

Ten people were killed and nine others injured in an accident near Mansoura, northern Egypt, when a bus crashed into a truck, a hospital official said.

A list of casualties was posted on social media saying that an entire family and three sisters had been killed.

Police said the crash happened in the Dakahlia province’s Mansoura, where two hospitals are located, and that the dead and wounded were taken.

An unfortunate collision occurred on a highway connecting Dakahlia with Gamasa, a well-loved beach destination for Egypt’s lower classes.

Officials from Egypt’s ministries of health and social solidarity were sent to address the aftermath of the incident, the province’s governor said. Hundreds of Mansoura residents surrounded the ambulances carrying the victims to hospital after photos of the victims on social media.

The mayor said the victims and their relatives would be provided with support.

In August, two similar incidents of minibuses crashing into trucks resulted in a total of 16 fatalities.

Image Credit: Mat Napo on Unsplash