The Iranian military has exposed a large underground facility to demonstrate its air power

In reaction to the U.S. and Israel’s joint maneuvers, the Iranian military has exposed a large underground facility to demonstrate its air power.

Broadcasted by state television, a video was shown on Tuesday of a range of fighter jets and drones at a base referred to as “Eagle 44”. The precise whereabouts of this base are unrecognized.

The base was placed within the mountains to shield it from any ordnance that could be dropped by American strategic bombers, which can break through defensive measures.

At the event, high-ranking military individuals were present, and it was less than two weeks after a joint exercise between the United States and Israel that included thousands of soldiers, aircraft, naval ships, and artillery. This training was seen as a way of sending a message to Iran amid heightened tensions.

Iran recently held exercises to demonstrate their military capabilities, which was shortly followed by a combined drill.

The state television reporter remarked that perhaps Iran’s original message had not been correctly understood, adding that the country was now transmitting it again. “This is the sound of rumbling from within the mountains,” he said, as a fighter jet flew by in a tunnel behind him.

Broadcasts by state television featured jets departing for training maneuvers during daylight and after dark, emphasizing “the point of these operations is that our air power is now indisputable in the region”.

Iran’s armed forces recently presented their newest missile named the Asef. It has been described as a long-range, air-launched cruise missile that can be installed on Sukhoi Su-24 jets from Russia and can break through adversary defenses.

Recently, it has been reported that Iran’s partnership. Although Iranian military personnel has shown interest in the plane, no one has specified when the delivery is likely to happen.

At an underground base, General Abdolrahim Mousavi, the leader of the Iranian army, declared on state television that the bases would soon be home to new fighter jets, however, he did not go into more detail.

Mousavi commented that, should our foes, who tend to misjudge, discern any of these capacities, it can help bring about more tranquility in the world and the vicinity.

Mohammad Bagheri, the leader of the Iranian armed forces, declared that any country in the vicinity which is employed by Israel to initiate an attack on Iranian terrain will additionally suffer a massive attack, alongside Israel.

Iranian state television reported that the Iranian military has multiple other functional bases, amongst them Eagle 44, which can launch attacks, hold aircraft for an extended period, and utilize electronic warfare capabilities.

The Iranian military recently revealed a drone base above ground, while the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has made public a few of its underground missile and drone bases in an attempt to send a message to the US and Israel.