Turkish military vehicle runs over woman and child in Syria

Two people were killed when a Turkish military vehicle ran over them on Monday in a northern Syrian town, sparking protests by local people.
An opposition activist said two armoured vehicles were destroyed in the town of Atareb, west of Aleppo and near the Turkish border.
Residents became enraged after Turkish troops drove through the town later, and pelted the vehicles with stones.
Northern Syria residents are angered by the intrusive presence of Turkish military convoys in their areas.
A Syrian opposition war monitor, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said that members of a rebel group in Atareb protected the Turkish soldiers from the protesters and took them to a nearby police station.
Officials in Turkey didn’t immediately comment on the matter.
A Turkish convoy killed a girl near Ras Al Ayn in early November, the observatory said, adding that they drove away without helping the child.
Turkey has deployed troops in northern Syria since 2016, after carrying out three major incursions into the war-ravaged nation. Turkey has military outposts in different areas of northern Syria, bordering Turkey.


Image Credit: Tarik Haiga on Unsplash