UAE and Jordan ministers condemn Ben-Gvir’s visit to Al Aqsa

The United Arab Emirates and Jordan respectively, have asserted their governments’ strong disapproval of Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir’s excursion to the Al Aqsa compound in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

The two foreign ministers asserted via a telephone conversation that the action taken by the Israeli official was “a violation of the international law and a grave escalation”, according to Wam news agency.

Emphasis was placed on the necessity of preventing any violations at Al Aqsa Mosque, emphasizing that Israel must comply with the existing laws and regulations concerning the site, and not hinder the authority of the Jerusalem Endowment Administration.

They strongly emphasised the importance of furthering initiatives that strive for a fair, comprehensive, and long-term resolution founded on the two-state solution and the founding of a separate Palestinian nation in the 1967 boundaries, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

They also emphasized the importance of prohibiting any unlawful Israeli actions that weaken the concept of a two-state solution. Sheikh Abdullah advocated that Jordan should be allowed to continue to protect and maintain religious sites and charitable funds in line with international law and the current historical circumstances.

Mr Al Safadi declared that Jordan will persist in utilizing all of its resources to safeguard the sacred sites and guarantee that the existing legal and historical standing is respected. He cautioned about the gravity of the Israeli violations at Al Aqsa Mosque.

Earlier in the morning, Mr Ben-Gvir proceeded to the Al Aqsa compound, with a large security presence present due to Palestinian alerts against his visit to the area.
The Palestinian Foreign Ministry strongly denounced the incident as being highly offensive.

A number of countries from the Gulf region reacted to the trip. The UAE was one of them. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation demanded that Israel take action to decrease the rising tensions and unrest in the region.

The ministry reaffirmed its unyielding stance on ensuring the Al Aqsa Mosque is safeguarded and that major and provocative transgressions happening there are stopped.

During their discussion on Tuesday, Sheikh Abdullah and Mr Al Safadi examined how to move forward the mutual relations between the two countries in different areas.

At the meeting, they addressed both local and international matters of shared interest, reaffirming their countries’ continued endeavours to find solutions to regional difficulties and to bring about safety and equilibrium in the area.

Hamas warned Israel via the Egyptian government that it could respond with rockets from Gaza. One rocket launched by a Palestinian group misfired and fell into the Gaza Strip last night.