About Us

The Middle East Beat, launched in 2021 is a fast-growing English language news and current affairs website bringing you the latest stories from the Middle East and beyond. We pride ourselves on providing in-depth and informative coverage, sharing diverse views and voices from people in the region and elsewhere intended to promote deliberation.


With much of the world’s analysis and news continuing to be dominated by a Western slant, the Middle East Beat seeks to provide an alternative, in-depth perspective on current events. We are an independent and progressive news outlet that focuses on providing a new perspective, founded by a group of Middle Eastern experts living in London. The main objective that ties us together is our firm belief in a free and independent press which brings an alternative and authentic view of our region.

Elliott Maroun

Elliott Maroun is the Editor-in-Chief at The Middle East Beat. Born in Beirut, his family fled Lebanon due to the devastating consequences of the civil war. Elliott holds a degree in international relations from Manchester University and went on to assist in writing articles for publications in Egypt and Jordan. He enjoys researching, analysing and opining on geopolitical topics, especially on Levant-related affairs.

Ella Rennell

Ella Rennell is a Senior Editor and writer at The Middle East Beat. After her extended gap year in Cairo, where she fell in love with Egypt’s cultural life she graduated with a degree in political science from Leicester University. She has worked together with several NGOs aimed at supporting and empowering women in the Middle East and North Africa. Ella has also ghost-written for several other journals and magazines. She writes on cultural and women’s affairs in the Middle East.

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