Azerbaijani embassy in Beirut targeted

Reports emerging from Azerbaijan reveal that their embassy located in Beirut, Lebanon was reportedly assailed by individuals believed to be of Armenian descent on Thursday. No injuries were noted following the incident.

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry announced, “Approximately 50 individuals, identified as being of Armenian origin, assaulted the embassy’s surrounding barriers, hurling bottles filled with paint and potential explosive materials.”

It was further highlighted that the Lebanese entity tasked with safeguarding diplomatic premises was promptly informed about the occurrence. Nevertheless, the purported assailants evaded capture, making their getaway prior to the police’s arrival at the scene.

In light of the incident, Azerbaijan’s ministry has made an earnest plea to the Lebanese government to apprehend the culprits. They have also intensified security measures around their mission.

Historically, diplomatic ties between Azerbaijan and Armenia have been strained, rooted in a dispute that began in 1991. This contention revolves around the Armenian military’s occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh – a region globally acknowledged as Azerbaijani territory – and seven nearby regions.

By autumn 2020, after 44 days of skirmishes, Azerbaijani forces reclaimed several cities, villages, and other territories from Armenian control. This conflict reached a temporary cessation courtesy of a truce orchestrated by Russia. Negotiations for a comprehensive peace agreement between the two nations have been underway ever since.

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