Cholera cases in Syria are rising

On Tuesday, the UN reported that 68 people have died from cholera in Syria, and more than 800 cases have been confirmed.

Overwhelmed by more than 10 years of war, Syria has been suffering from the cholera outbreak since the end of August.

The contamination of Euphrates River water and northern springs, which are used to irrigate fields, is blamed for the spread.

The UN says public health awareness campaigns are underway on cholera’s causes, symptoms, and prevention.

‘Cholera supplies, including medicines, water and sanitation, and hygiene supplies, are reportedly in short supply,’ said Mr Dujarric.

The war has seriously damaged Syria’s water infrastructure, resulting in a growing water crisis.

Cholera can be acquired by eating contaminated food or water, according to the WHO, left untreated, this condition can be fatal.

Image Credit: Steve Conover/Flickr