Egypt begins evacuation of citizens from Sudan

Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially commenced the evacuation of Egyptian citizens from Sudan, according to a statement released on Sunday, 23 April. The operation in which Egypt begins evacuation of citizens from Sudan is being carried out in coordination with Sudanese authorities, with Egypt’s consulates in Khartoum and Port Sudan assisting in the process.

Egyptian residents in Sudan have been urged to leave the country due to the ongoing armed conflict. The same statement revealed that an Egyptian embassy staff member had been shot amidst the violence. To facilitate the evacuation, designated meeting points have been established at the Egyptian Consulate in Port Sudan and the consular office in Wadi Halfa. The Foreign Ministry has advised Egyptians in Khartoum to remain indoors until the security situation in the capital improves.

Contact details for the Egyptian Consulate in Port Sudan and Wadi Halfa’s consular office have been provided for those requiring further assistance.

The ongoing conflict in Sudan involves the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), a paramilitary group that initially operated as a militia during the height of the Darfur conflict. Hostilities between the two groups began on Saturday, 15 April.

A video shared by the RSF showed Egyptian soldiers who had “surrendered” themselves in Merowe, wearing Egyptian army uniforms. Due to coordination efforts with Sudanese parties and the International Committee of the Red Cross, these troops have since arrived at the Egyptian Embassy in Khartoum.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has called for an immediate ceasefire in Sudan, urging opposing forces to prioritise dialogue and national consensus, keeping the interests of the Sudanese people at the forefront.

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