French authorities investigate death of Iranian man found in river in France

An Iranian man that drowned in the city of Lyon, France is being investigated after he said on social media that he planned to kill himself in order to draw attention to the Iranian protest crackdown.

Police told AP News that Mohammad Moradi, 38, was discovered in the Rhone river that runs through the heart of Lyon late Monday.

The official said that a resuscitation attempt was unsuccessful when emergency personnel reached him on the riverbank.

Iran Human Rights, an Oslo-based group, said on Tuesday that at least 100 Iranians arrested over the course of nationwide protests have been charged with offences that could result in the death penalty.

In a speech on Sunday, Iran’s chief justice, Sadeq Larijani, said the administration was determined to confront an “unacceptable” opposition to the country. More than 100 days of protests have gripped Iran since the death of Mahsa Amini, 22, who died in police custody after being arrested and charged with breaking the country’s conservative dress code.

A post on Mr Moradi’s Instagram account said that he would commit suicide to draw attention to the harsh treatment of demonstrators.

“When you see this, I will be dead” he said in the film.

“I [have] decided to commit suicide in the Rhone river. It is a challenge to show that we, Iranian people, we are very tired of this situation.

“My suicide is not for personal reasons. The police are attacking people; we have lost a lot of sons and daughters. We have to do something.”

A small rally took place on the banks of the Rhone in France to remember Iranian citizen, Mr Moradi on Tuesday, in response to the incident. Candle and wreath placements on the riverbank railings marked the spot where the victim drowned.

Timothee Amini, a member of the local Iranian community, said, “Mohammad Moradi killed himself to make the voice of revolution heard in Iran. Our voice is not carried by western media,” said Timothee Amini of the local Iranian community.”

An Iranian community member told AFP that Mr Moradi was a history graduate and worked in a restaurant in France. He lived in Lyon with his wife for three years.