Mohamed Al-Fayed’s wife and family

Mohamed Al-Fayed, the renowned Egyptian businessman and former owner of Fulham FC, passed away recently at the age of 94. As tributes pour in and the world mourns his death, there’s a renewed interest in his personal life, particularly about his family. Many are keen to know, who was Mohamed Al-Fayed’s wife, and how many children did he have?

Mohamed Al-Fayed’s Marriages:

Mohamed Al-Fayed was married twice. His first wife was Samira Khashoggi, with whom he had a son, Dodi Al-Fayed. Their marriage, which began in 1954, was short-lived, lasting just two years.

Years later, in 1985, Mohamed Al-Fayed married the Finnish socialite and former model, Heini Wathén. The couple had four children together: Camilla, Omar, Jasmine, and Karim.

An Insight into His Wives:

Samira Khashoggi was not only the first wife of Mohamed Al-Fayed but also a well-known figure in her own right. As the founder of Al Sharkiah Magazine and an author of seven books, Samira had a distinguished career. Her lineage was also noteworthy, being the daughter of Mohammed Khashoggi, the personal doctor to the King of Saudi Arabia.

Heini Wathén, the second wife of Mohamed Al-Fayed, was a Finnish socialite and former model. Born on February 24, 1955, she was introduced to Mohamed by his son Dodi, leading to their eventual marriage.

Children of Mohamed Al-Fayed:

  • Dodi Al-Fayed: Born to Mohamed and Samira, Dodi was a notable film producer and the romantic partner of Princess Diana. Tragically, both lost their lives in a car crash in Paris in 1997.
  • Jasmine Al-Fayed: Daughter to Mohamed and Heini, Jasmine made a name for herself as the founder of the Jasmine Di Milo fashion label.
  • Omar Al-Fayed: Omar stands out as an environmentalist and publisher. CEO of ESTEE and EarthX, he also had prospects of taking over Harrods, one of his father’s businesses.
  • Camilla Al-Fayed: Passionate about natural farming, Camilla is the founder of Farmacy, a renowned London restaurant.
  • Karim Al-Fayed: Keeping a low profile like his siblings, Karim has been known to handle some of his father’s businesses.

While Mohamed Al-Fayed will be remembered for his business ventures and ownership of Fulham FC, his legacy lives on through his children and the mark they’ve made in their respective fields. As we remember him, it’s also essential to recognize the family that stood behind him and their contributions to society. Whether it’s through sustainable farming, environmental entrepreneurship, or fashion, the Al-Fayed family continues to make an impact, even in Mohamed’s absence.