Oman to build the Middle East’s first space rocket launch center

This year, the Sultanate’s National Aerospace Services Company (Nascom) is supervising the construction project of the region’s first Oman space rocket launch center in the port town of Duqm.

The launch pad for the space rocket will be employed to foster scientific exploration and encourage global cooperation in the realm of space exploration.

Nascom declared that their primary ambitions with the Duqm takeoff region are to assemble a takeoff area for commercial, professional, and educational rocketeers to assemble, test, and begin from.

Rocket companies from all around the world will be able to access the launch center, while local educational research programs will also be able to utilize it.

The report reveals that Duqm’s location on the equator is advantageous for rocket launches, as the Earth’s rotation can be utilized for greater speed.

Studies verified around the world have determined that Wilayat Al-Duqm’s equatorial location is one of the five most advantageous areas globally to launch rockets, the Company noted.

The data and our analysis have demonstrated that the location holds great worth to Oman and should be cultivated. Such a national asset will become even more valuable in the upcoming twenty years as the world seeks solutions in the realm of space.

The proposal to create a space research center in the nation was declared in September of last year, mirroring the UAE’s similar objective to develop a Mars simulation city in 2017, though the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre was unable to obtain the necessary land.

Earlier this month, the Sultanate of Muscat’s plans to follow in the footsteps of the United Arab Emirates and take to space hit a snag. The Aman satellite, the first ever of its kind from Oman, was launched from Spaceport Cornwall in Britain, yet it experienced an “anomaly” that caused the mission to end prematurely. This was according to Virgin Orbit, whose “LauncherOne” rocket was used for the launch.

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