Review: Mo sheds light on the Palestinian refugee experience

The new original Netflix series “Mo”, has become a major success worldwide. The story features a young Palestinian on asylum with his family in America, and deals with life situations as his family attempts to secure their residency in the US.

The storyline and experiences Mo goes through do not predominantly focus on his Arabhood or Palestinian identity, which is the secret to the show’s success. The Arabhood and Palestinian identity are the cover of the story and bring with it the humor as well as the struggle of identity, citizenship, and the reality of a refugee.

Amid this complex reality, comes the story of a young man in America, dealing with extreme situations that the protagonist of the story does not necessarily be Arab or Palestinian, to deal with. Instead, these are extreme situations that the protagonist could have been any other figure, and in this sense, an Arab or Palestinian does not have to fill a specific role cast for only a Palestinian, but one that can transcend beyond this limit. And that is the secret behind the success of the show.

I do sincerely hope that the story continues at this fast pace. I first expected this show to be a comedy, but the truth is that it was much more. The level of complexity, humor that only Arabs understand, and that are now being shared by others, and the attention to detail in the aspects of the culture, Palestinian accent, and interactions will sure to maintain the success that the show has reached in future reasons.