Sudan conflict threatens to destabilize Libya, official warns

Abdelsalam Al-Busaifi, head of the Military Organization and Administration Authority in southern Libya, has warned that ongoing clashes in Sudan could negatively impact the situation in Libya, potentially leading to a long-term war that would destabilize the region, particularly southern Libya. Al-Busaifi has urged Libyan authorities to close the border with Sudan and deploy military forces for protection due to the fact that the Sudan conflict threatens to destabilize Libya.

In a statement, Al-Busaifi called on Chiefs of Staff in eastern and western Libya to take quick and serious steps to contain the situation and prevent the conflict from spilling over into Libya. He cautioned that south-eastern Libya would be most affected if the conflict extended across the border and warned of the risk of Sudanese fighters and military personnel fleeing to southern Libya, which could further destabilize the region.

The escalating conflict in Sudan, which has reached major cities, including the capital Khartoum, poses a significant threat not only to Sudan but also to neighbouring Libya. The two countries share a border of less than 400 kilometres, and policing it is difficult due to the harsh desert environment and poor governance in both nations. Sudanese mercenaries have also been involved in Libya’s internal conflicts, supporting General Khalifa Haftar in the east.

Analysts argue that viewing the conflict in Sudan as a limited power struggle with few repercussions for Libya or Chad is short-sighted, given that internal conflicts in Africa tend to have trans-border effects and can cause sub-conflicts in neighbouring countries. This domino effect is exacerbated by the fact that African borders were drawn without consideration for demographic, ethnic, or religious distribution, based on colonial interests.

Libya, a deeply divided and unstable country, struggles to secure its borders and expel foreign fighters, despite calls from the United Nations for their removal. As the conflict in Sudan continues, its resolution becomes more urgent for Libya’s stability and vice versa.

Image Credit: Ömer Erdem/Anadolu Agency

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