Suspected terror attack near Turkish parliament

Ankara was enveloped in chaos after a substantial explosion reverberated through the heart of the Turkish capital this Sunday. The unsettling echo of the blast created a ripple of unrest amidst the city’s bustling ambiance.

Ministry Labels Incident a “Terrorist Attack”

The Turkish Interior Ministry was swift in categorising the blast as a “terrorist attack”. Reports from Turkish media outlets elucidate that two terrorists instigated the attack right in front of the ministry building. The ministry unveiled that one of the assailants has been neutralised, whilst the other triggered his explosives, causing him to perish in the process. In the chaotic aftermath, two security officers sustained injuries while trying to counter the attackers.

Incident Occurs Prior to Parliamentary Reconvening

The attack unfolded just as the Turkish parliament is poised to reconvene this week following the conclusion of the summer recess. It has been in hiatus since late July and is scheduled to resume its sessions in October.

The Interior Minister divulged further details, stating that the culprits behind the morning’s horrific scenes were, in fact, two suicide bombers who aimed their ire at Turkey’s parliament. Besides the self-inflicted casualties of the attackers, two security guards are nursing injuries from the ordeal.

Heightened Security in the Wake of the Attack

As the city still grapples with the shock of the unexpected attack, heightened security measures are likely to be enforced around the parliamentary building and other crucial state infrastructures. With the parliament scheduled to reopen soon, an air of heightened vigilance is expected to envelop the political quarters of the Turkish capital.

Image Credit: Tarik Haiga on Unsplash

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