Two shot dead in disputed Qurnat as Sawda’ area in Lebanon

Two men have been fatally shot in a contested region in northern Lebanon, as confirmed by the Lebanese Army in a statement. The victims, identified as Haitham Tawk and Malek Tok, were discovered dead in Qurnat as Sawda’, an area mired in dispute between Bcharre and Bkaasafrine in northern Lebanon. Reports from the state-run National News Agency on Saturday evening relayed the incident, while locals in Bcharre informed L’Orient Today news website that seven other individuals had sustained injuries during the conflict.

Conflicts over land and water disputes frequently generate security tensions in this region, as indicated by local media. The situation in Qurnat as Sawda’ is being closely monitored by Lebanese Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati, according to Xinhua news agency. Mikati’s press office released a statement in which he condemned the incident and assured that the perpetrators would be apprehended to ensure justice is served.

Image Credit: Hachoumi92 on Wikipedia

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