UNRWA resumes operations in Ain el-Helweh following armed clashes

After a week-long halt in services due to violent clashes in Ain el-Helweh, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has recommenced its operations within the refugee camp.

Following the disturbances, Health Centre II has reopened its doors, continuing its pivotal role in providing medical care to Palestine Refugee patients. In recent days, the centre has seen a steady influx of patients, including numerous children and newborns who are in need of treatment and immunisations.

In a bid to restore normalcy, sanitation workers have embarked on a clean-up mission, swiftly removing accumulated rubbish from the streets and carrying out disinfection processes in areas less impacted by the skirmishes.

Collaborating closely with multiple stakeholders, UNRWA is gearing up to undertake assessments and eliminate war remnants in the areas that have been affected. These measures will commence as soon as they are deemed safe for access.

Dorothee Klaus, the Director of UNRWA Affairs in Lebanon, recently paid a visit to the Ain el-Helweh camp on Tuesday to monitor the situation and supervise the gradual restoration of the Agency’s operations. Speaking on her visit, she expressed, “We earnestly hope for sustained peace in the camp.”

Ms. Klaus shared poignant anecdotes from her visit: “I was told of families trapped in their homes due to the conflict, some injured while attempting to flee. I’ve seen children terrified, cries echoing through the camp, and women in such distress that their hair has turned white.”

Highlighting the path forward, Klaus emphasised the agency’s unwavering commitment: “UNRWA is set to support in clearing debris and restoring damaged water and electricity infrastructures. A stable and safe environment is crucial for our operations.”

Concluding her remarks, she added that UNRWA is working hand-in-hand with partner organisations to ensure the timely clearance of affected camp sites. This endeavour aims to safeguard both the community and UNRWA personnel from lingering dangers of the conflict.

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