40 years to the creation of Hezbollah

In May of 1985, Hezbollah was born out of the Lebanese Civil War. From its conception, this terrorist organization has been linked to numerous attacks and kidnappings. In this article, we will explore the history of Hezbollah and how it has changed over the decades.

In 1982, the Iran-Iraq War was raging. Iran was in need of a victory to boost morale and had recently suffered a string of defeats. The Lebanese Civil War was also underway, and Israel had just invaded Lebanon in an attempt to drive out the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

Hezbollah was created with the help of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Lebanese Shiite community. Its goal was to expel Israeli forces from Lebanon, resist the PLO, and protect Shiite interests in Lebanon.

Hezbollah quickly became a powerful force in Lebanon. It fought against Israeli troops in the south of the country and eventually forced them to withdraw from Lebanon in 2000. Hezbollah also worked to build up its military capabilities, and it now has an estimated 150,000 rockets and missiles that can reach targets inside Israel.

The group has been involved in several conflicts since its inception, including the 2006 war with Israel and the Syrian Civil War. Hezbollah’s involvement in Syria has been controversial, as it has been accused of fighting alongside the Syrian regime and committing atrocities against Syrian civilians.

Despite these controversies, Hezbollah remains a powerful force in Lebanon and the region.