Turkey’s Erdogan ups rhetoric on Greece

Turkish President Recap Tayypip Erdogan hardened his tone against Greece on Saturday, threatening to “come down suddenly one night.”

Whilst speaking at an aerial technology festival in Samsun, where Turkey displayed the prototype of an unmanned fighter jet, Erdogan lashed out at neighbouring Greece amid political and military tensions.

Turkey has accused Greece of using Russian-made missile systems in Crete to lock onto Turkish jets in August. Turkey also said Greece F-16 fighter jets harassed Turkish planes by putting them under a  radar lock during a NATO mission over the eastern Mediterranean.

Greece on the other hand, has accused Turkey of violating its airspace.

These tensions are not new, both NATO members have faced disputes over several issues, most notably territorial claims in the Aegean Sea and disagreements over airspace there.

Photo of Erdogan at the podium - Article Image