Kuwait: Domestic workers flee the country following the murder of a housemaid

In less than four days, over 114 Filipino maids had flown out of Kuwait in the aftermath of the savage murder of Jullebee Ranara last month, according to multiple regional media outlets.

In Kuwait, a 17-year-old male was taken into custody for allegedly raping and setting ablaze Ranara, a 35-year-old woman.

Last month, the domestic worker told her kin that she was scared of her boss’s son. Then, the next day, she was found dead in a desert, her skull shattered and her body burned.

The Philippine state announced last week that it will be taking measures to evaluate and stop any mistreatment and rape of Filipino employees in the Gulf region, including assault and maltreatment.

The Philippine government has taken steps to protect Filipino workers by prohibiting recruitment offices in Kuwait from sending them to work there. This policy has been implemented by the Ministry of Migrant Labor in the Philippines.

The Interior Ministry of Kuwait conducted an inquiry right away upon hearing about the corpse and got to the bottom of it in a day. A Kuwaiti adolescent was apprehended for allegedly violating and murdering the domestic worker.

The Filipino community has been deeply grieved by the most recent loss of an expat Filipino worker; the passing of Ranara.

Currently, a large number of Filipinos, totaling approximately 268,000, are employed in Kuwait, many of whom are housemaids. In recent weeks, over 400 individuals from the Philippines sought refuge at an emergency center operated by the

Around 50 percent of the Filipino workers at the Philippine Embassy have gone back to Manila according to the Migrant Workers Undersecretary of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, Hans Cacdac, due to labor issues.

Roughly 1 in 10 of the Philippines’ 110 million people have moved to foreign countries due to major economic issues such as joblessness and impoverishment. They are scattered across more than 200 countries and their money transfers are necessary for the Philippines’ economic stability.

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