Algeria draws closer to Russia as BRICS membership looms

On Wednesday, Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, confirmed Algeria’s growing partnership with Russia amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine’s first anniversary. According to Lavrov, Algeria stands out among the countries striving to join the BRICS group due to its numerous advantages. Over five countries, including Algeria, have submitted applications to become members of the organization, exceeding the current number of members. During recent meetings, the group determined a unified way to assess applications to join, and Algeria is “at the top” of the list of potential members, said Lavrov. President Abdelmadjid Tebboune indicated that Algeria could become a member of the BRICS group in 2022, given its ability to meet a significant portion of the organization’s requirements.

Russia and Algeria have a long-standing relationship that has continued despite Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine. Despite Western sanctions on Russia, the Algerian government continues to procure weapons from Russia, attracting opposition from politicians. US senators have called for sanctions against Algeria’s government, and several members of the European Parliament have made similar appeals. Some European countries, such as Italy, have been looking to Algeria for energy sources due to the sanctions on Russian gas that have left Europe in an energy crisis.

Despite strained relations with Morocco, Algeria has been strengthening its ties with Russia. The two nations have been in a state of tension since the severance of diplomatic relations in 2021. A gathering of significant military figures from Algeria was recently convened to consider taking on Morocco in a direct confrontation, according to Algeria Part. The strained relations between the two nations have a long history, with Algeria’s support of the Polisario independence movement being the key issue. The Algerian government has long blamed Morocco for attempting to destabilize the nation, leading to the official cutting of ties after Algiers accused Morocco without proof of being responsible for the wildfires that occurred in northeast Algeria in August 2021.

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