Iran’s nuclear organisation says its e-mail servers were hacked, state media reports.

Iran’s atomic energy organisation said in state media on Sunday that an e-mail server used by one of its subsidiaries had been hacked, resulting in some information being leaked online.

Iran’s nuclear activities were hacked and published by the hacking group Black Reward, according to a statement published on Twitter.

A statement released on Saturday expressed support for Iran’s protesters and called for ‘the freedom of women and life,’ citing Mahsa Amini as an example.

The report listed “management and operational schedules of different parts of Bushehr power plant,” and “atomic development contracts and agreements with domestic and foreign partners” as information released.

The atomic energy organization’s general public information and diplomacy department said that ‘this decision was made with the intention of grabbing people’s attention.’

Technical content and day-to-day exchanges are present in users’ emails, according to state media.

Iran’s nuclear deal has ground to a halt, according to the United States, which says Iran has shown little interest in reviving the pact.

Image Credit:  Ilya Pavlov on Unsplash